Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visible elements, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds.

Considering the challenging and competitive nature of the business climate, GTC helps you sell your products and services by employing contemporary marketing and branding strategies and aligning those strategies to meet your customers’ demands. Our highly innovative graphic design team combines precision and accuracy to deliver a unique brand for your company.

When used to support a brand strategy, your brand identity provides important visual cues that convey positive qualities and help allay concerns people may have about your brand. These qualities can be difficult to put into words, but they can be psychologically persuasive. For instance, a clean and modern identity can communicate a firm’s attention to detail and credibility.

High Quality Standards

A set of procedures is consistently enforced to guarantee consistent, satisfying, and quality results for all of our projects.

Leading Experts

With over fifteen years of combined experience, our team has the requisite expertise to deliver expedient and tangible outcomes suited to your business needs.

Complex Solutions

A broader and intricate value composition, helping you develop strategies that enable you to encompass a vast number of customer base and profitability.

Flexible Prices

We are always open to negotiations within a reasonable pricing range, ensuring you receive a unique, custom, and excellent service experience.

Corporate Compliance

We help companies ensure that they’re following all the laws and regulations that apply to their business.

One cannot overstate the importance of complying with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Liberia. Starting, setting up, recruiting, implementing, monitoring policies, etc., has to be in accordance with the law.

We at GTC make your job easier and stress-free. Our off-counsel lawyers are highly qualified to get you situated and legally functional.

  • Corporate compliance with industry standards or codes of practice
  • Compliance with external client specifications, contracts, etc.
  • Compliance with: Licensing, Permits, Accreditation, or certification

Let us improve your business!

At Golden Touch Corporation, we offer a full spectrum of services to help organizations and businesses work better.  We create standards of excellence, train your people to work in more effective ways, assess how you’re doing, and help you perform even better in the future. We also help brand and get your brand and product recognized around the world.