Marketing Planning

Market planning is the process of organizing and defining the marketing aims of a company and gathering strategies and tactics to achieve them.

The first stage of market planning involves sales projections and evaluations of past promotional activities to assess their effectiveness. Analyzing a product enables a company to identify which areas of the plan should carry a heavier focus or which areas should be adjusted. The analysis not only involves evaluating the company’s competitive position in its respective market but also considering how to implement new strategies for its business goals.

The second stage is to organize marketing objectives and strategies. It is crucial to establish the relationships between the proposed activities so that Golden Touch can carry out the plan efficiently.

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A set of procedures is consistently enforced to guarantee consistent, satisfying, and quality results for all of our projects.

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With over fifteen years of combined experience, our team has the requisite expertise to deliver expedient and tangible outcomes suited to your business needs.

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A broader and intricate value composition, helping you develop strategies that enable you to encompass a vast number of customer base and profitability.

Flexible Prices

We are always open to negotiations within a reasonable pricing range, ensuring you receive a unique, custom, and excellent service experience.

Market Research

Marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services.

To understand the dynamics of the market, its trends, competitors, and the economic viability of a business, one needs to conduct market research. Our research helps businesses make an informed decision for investment (products and services) purposes. Our researchers conduct studies ranging from feasibility studies, focus group discussions, key informant interviews to surveys, desk reviews, text analysis, and case studies. We do this to ensure that you have the proper data to guide you in making informed business decisions. Additionally, we develop customized business plans for your entity based on findings from our research with a mixture of internationally and locally accepted standards where applicable.

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