Debt Recovery

You are less likely to experience payment problems if your business chooses to deal with customers who pay their bills on time.

Golden Touch Corporation endeavors to undertake the collection of local disputed and undisputed debts (out of court) through its Debt Recovery Department. Our Out-of-Court Debt Collection Services cover the following activities:

  1. Non-refundable registration fees of US$ 250.00
  2. Provision of the file containing all information regarding the debt
  3. Demand for payment
  4. Negotiation of payment conditions
  5. Supervision of installment plans
  6. Investigation of the debtor’s credit standing
  7. Other appropriate measures.

Should in case GTC believes it would be in the best interest of the Client to take measures or to settle in a way different from the terms underlying the debt by (1) Reducing the amount of Interest (2) Allowing a grace period or installment payments by the debtor, after the acceptance of the relevant debt collection order, (3) Satisfying payment obligations with other goods or (4) Other similar measures, GTC shall obtain prior approval from the Client.

Golden Touch shall initiate debt Collection activities against a particular debtor after the Client has sent a written order directly to GTC’s respective representative/head.

High Quality Standards

A set of procedures is consistently enforced to guarantee consistent, satisfying, and quality results for all of our projects.

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With over fifteen years of combined experience, our team has the requisite expertise to deliver expedient and tangible outcomes suited to your business needs.

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A broader and intricate value composition, helping you develop strategies that enable you to encompass a vast number of customer base and profitability.

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We are always open to negotiations within a reasonable pricing range, ensuring you receive a unique, custom, and excellent service experience.

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