Event Planning

Event planning or event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of small and/or large-scale personal or corporate events.

We are capable of having all your meetings organized and set up to meet with any individual or company of your choice. With our established networks in public and private sectors, developmental and civil society organizations, as well as eminent citizens in the country, we guarantee our clients a friendly and fruitful meeting space. We take clear and concise minutes, make follow-ups, and provide feedback to your company, thereby serving as your company’s representative/liaison/agent in an effort to prioritize your company’s interest.

GTC is expertly positioned to plan, coordinate, and manage your events ranging from workshop/seminars to program official lunch/closeout as one of our flagship services. We efficiently plan, coordinate, and manage your event’s entire logistical and organizational needs through stakeholders’ engagement, venue, and participant identification and logistical setup. We achieve this by combining our excellent understanding of our clients, engaging our guests, setting reasonable budgets, hiring contractors, and understanding the logistical needs of every event as well as its corresponding timeframe. At GTC, we ensure our clients relax while we take the stress.

High Quality Standards

A set of procedures is consistently enforced to guarantee consistent, satisfying, and quality results for all of our projects.

Leading Experts

With over fifteen years of combined experience, our team has the requisite expertise to deliver expedient and tangible outcomes suited to your business needs.

Complex Solutions

A broader and intricate value composition, helping you develop strategies that enable you to encompass a vast number of customer base and profitability.

Flexible Prices

We are always open to negotiations within a reasonable pricing range, ensuring you receive a unique, custom, and excellent service experience.

Let us improve your business!

At Golden Touch Corporation, we offer a full spectrum of services to help organizations and businesses work better.  We create standards of excellence, train your people to work in more effective ways, assess how you’re doing, and help you perform even better in the future. We also help brand and get your brand and product recognized around the world.