Technical Assistance

We help the entrepreneur start-up, grow or expand their business.

Technical assistance is non-financial assistance provided by local or international specialists. It can take the form of sharing information and expertise, instruction, skills training, the transmission of working knowledge, and consulting services and may also involve transferring technical data. They ultimately help the borrowers make a strong case that they will be successful and repay the loan. Many business technical assistance programs provide capital through loan funds that they operate.

As a startup, the small business is one of the hardest to break into. The market is flooding with cheerful business visionaries expecting to be the next BIG HIT. Fortunately, there’s dependably space for new businesses that know how to cut out a specialty and separate themselves from their rivals.

For those originating from enormous organizations, especially from overseas, it’s anything but difficult to overemphasize the estimation of item and client experience and underestimate getting to benefit. We are experts in providing technical assistance to such new startups and help them overcome teething issues. You can never go wrong as a startup with our experienced expert service by your side.

High Quality Standards

A set of procedures is consistently enforced to guarantee consistent, satisfying, and quality results for all of our projects.

Leading Experts

With over fifteen years of combined experience, our team has the requisite expertise to deliver expedient and tangible outcomes suited to your business needs.

Complex Solutions

A broader and intricate value composition, helping you develop strategies that enable you to encompass a vast number of customer base and profitability.

Flexible Prices

We are always open to negotiations within a reasonable pricing range, ensuring you receive a unique, custom, and excellent service experience.

Let us improve your business!

GTC offers a full spectrum of services to help organizations and businesses work better.  We create standards of excellence, train your people to work in more effective ways, assess how you’re doing, and help you perform even better in the future. We also help brand and get your brand and product recognized around the world.