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Golden Touch Corporation (GTC), during its start-up phase in 2018, has had many challenges and failures like most other businesses. Its continuous ability to strive and grow was based on the strength of its team, integrity, and efficiency. 

Our team of professionals has a collective of over forty-five (45) plus years of experience and professional backgrounds in finance, strategic planning, governance, corporate banking, legal, infrastructure development, corporate management, etc. We have a strong network in government and the private sector that enables us to navigate the hurdles and bureaucracies of any business arena in Liberia.

We believe in our vision to build a strong private sector by encouraging and assisting others to invest in Liberia. As we know, economic development and growth begins with the creation of an investment-friendly climate that boost trade, innovation pillared by good governance and infrastructure development.  

Welcome to the now thriving GTC. We believe every investment matters.

We are full of interesting creative ideas!

Golden Touch Corporation helps you develop and expand your business with our intriguing ideas that have the potential for exponential business growth. We develop an overall insight into Liberia’s business opportunities and market.

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Capable of respond to changes in the market environment and its adjacents in a rapid and efficient way.

Strong Leaders

With a staff set that encourages, challenges, and motivates each other, connecting each other through a common purpose.

Best Education

A well-capacitated set of staff with a vast amount of skills required both to understand and engage in a business environment.

Client Oriented

The customers' needs are of great importance; as a customer-oriented company, we view or recognize that the customers constitute the business.

Rich Experience

Our specialized team has a combined experience of over 15 years across several sectors in Liberia and the diaspora.

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